Sławomir Sikora

In 2013 I had an opportunity to experience working with Facet5 for the first time. I faced a big challenge as the HR Director of an organization employing over 2600 people. I looked for a tool I could use in … Czytaj więcej

Kasia Jańczuk

Facet5 personality test is a simple tool thanks to which you can spread your wings and act in accordance with yourself. I really like describing a talent as a diamond, which is being “polished” while I am working with people, … Czytaj więcej

Jarek Kowal

Facet5 Personality Test or discovering “what I am doing here?” is a fantastic tool for employees, which allows them to reflect for a while and analyze their professional activity. Facet5 questionnaire is liked and admired by the respondents, who admit: … Czytaj więcej