Kasia Jańczuk

Facet5 personality test is a simple tool thanks to which you can spread your wings and act in accordance with yourself. I really like describing a talent as a diamond, which is being “polished” while I am working with people, using Facet5. It is a fantastic, professional tool, which explains quite difficult psychological aspects in an approachable way. Both I as a coach and the people I work with in coaching sessions and workshops know how important it is to develop individual potential basing on a person’s strengths. It is even valuable to face a
difficult truth about oneself – that makes it easier for a person to understand their own behaviours in a given work environment.
In my opinion, it is an excellent starting point for every employee. Young people beginning their professional career stress how important it is to get to know their strengths and how they can be perceived by other team members (control of own behaviours at work).From the point of view of superiors, it is essential to treat each employee as a Talent. Their role is to identify and guide people in their teams. The company directors who took part in this test together with their teams emphasize its efficiency as they can now better delegate tasks to the employees and motivate them effectively.

Best regards