Jarek Kowal

Facet5 Personality Test or discovering “what I am doing here?” is a fantastic tool for employees, which allows them to reflect for a while and analyze their professional activity. Facet5 questionnaire is liked and admired by the respondents, who admit: “yes, that’s really me, it’s amazing how that was possible basing only on the answers to a few dozen questions!!!”. However, the most important thing are the conclusions how to manage your own career, how to behave in the team and in the relationships with the boss to improve your effectiveness and satisfaction with work. It is an invaluable aid for an employee and their superiors as it allows them to have a team member who is aware of their own strengths. Working with Facet5 system is also a huge satisfaction for a consultant due to its functionality and elegance of operation. Since the generated reports are clear and communicative, a consultant/coach receives excellent material to conduct discussions on how to use the potential of a manager as well as a multi-stage coaching process, during which all the details of the report will be taken advantage of. Coachees treat the test results with great confidence, precisely build their development plans and are fully committed to executing them, wishing to use all their strengths. Moreover, it is really effective to share the information included in the Facet5 report with other team members as that allows us to realize the reasons of behavioural differences and notice benefits from personality diversity if only we show understanding and tolerance. A significant advantage of using Facet5 system from the customer’s point of view is great commitment and
professionalism of HR High Touch team, who do their best to make the test process and the communication with the respondents efficient and fully satisfying.