Nina Sosińska is a key note speaker on many conferences. Below you will find the list of questions, which Nina usually asks before her prezentations:

  1. How long should be the presentation?
  2. Who will be the participants?
  3. What makes this group unique (as a group, in the organization, etc.)?
  4. What challenges do they face this year?
  5. What is this group proud of (any recent successes)?
  6. What is to happen before and after my talk?
  7. Who are a few key people to recognize and why?
  8. Please list other topics and/or speakers that have succeeded at this event and why.
  9. Who is my introducer? His/her phone number or email?
  10. Are there any seeds you would like me to plant or grow (inspirations, key thoughts, reinforcing themes)?
  11. If my presentation succeeds, what key points will the participants walk away with?
  12. Are there any red flags (negative jargon, situations, or mentions) that I should avoid?
  13. Is there any local color (interesting facts about the area where the meeting will be held) that I should know about?
  14. Will there be alcohol served before or during my talk?
  15. Will this group benefit from a brief handout of key points or themes?