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Facet5 jest najbardziej wszechstronnym, zintegrowanym systemem narzędzi „on-line”, który wspiera rozwój pracowników, zespołów oraz organizacji. Stosowanie tego systemu podn…

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Realizujemy warsztaty akredytacyjne Facet5, szkolenia rozwijające kompetencje przywódcze, warsztaty wspierające budowanie zwycięskich zespołów oraz wzrost wyników sprzedaży. Prowadzą je eksperci, którzy…

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OCENA 360°

Ocena 360 stopni polega na zbieraniu informacji zwrotnych na temat skuteczności zachowań ocenianej osoby z wielu źródeł – od niej samej, od jej przełożonych, podwładnych, kolegów, klientów wewnętrznych i zewnętrznych. Jest to proces, w którym porów…

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Sławomir Sikora
In 2013 I had an opportunity to experience working with Facet5 for the first time. I faced a big challenge as the HR Director of an organization employing over 2600 people. I looked for a tool I could use in many aspects, i.e. recruitment, selection, talent development, team building and the whole organization modelling. I chose Facet5, which fully met all the needs. At the beginning of 2015 I changed my professional role and now I am a coach and consultant. In my work with customers I recommend this tool to them so that they could achieve outstanding performance. I really recommend Facet5 to all people who need one tool that meets a lot of needs. And what is important, Facet5 keeps changing and is continuously being improved, which guarantees its innovativeness.

Kalina Karwańska

I am a practicing HR consultant; for more than ten years I have been focusing on the aspects of employee selection, managerial skill assessment, fitting people to organizations and  tasks…and vice versa. Although I am a psychologist, I am not overly enthusiastic about using psychometric tests in business – so far I have used several of them, but not as a constant support. Facet5 is the first tool that has aroused my genuine interest – due to its solid theoretical foundation, conceptual material efficiently organizing the spheres of human functioning that are important to a person’s effectiveness in business – and inconsequence – due to its “multifunctionality” and flexibility in the sphere of its possible applications. After the workshop and having looked closer at Facet5

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Kasia Jańczuk
Facet5 personality test is a simple tool thanks to which you can spread your wings and act in accordance with yourself. I really like describing a talent as a diamond, which is being “polished” while I am working with people, using Facet5. It is a fantastic, professional tool, which explains quite difficult psychological aspects in an approachable way. Both I as a coach and the people I work with in coaching sessions and workshops know how important it is to develop individual potential basing on a person’s strengths. It is even valuable to face a
difficult truth about oneself – that makes it easier for a person to understand their own behaviours in a given work environment.
In my opinion, it is an excellent starting point for every employee. Young people beginning their professional career stress how important it is to get to know their strengths and how they can be perceived by other team members (control of own behaviours at work).From the point of view of superiors, it is essential to treat each employee as a Talent. Their role is to identify and guide people in their teams. The company directors who took part in this test together with their teams emphasize its efficiency as they can now better delegate tasks to the employees and motivate them effectively.

Best regards
Jarek Kowal

Facet5 Personality Test or discovering “what I am doing here?” is a fantastic tool for employees, which allows them to reflect for a while and analyze their professional activity. Facet5 questionnaire is liked and admired by the respondents, who admit: “yes, that’s really me, it’s amazing how that was possible basing only on the answers to a few dozen questions!!!”. However, the most important thing are the conclusions how to manage your own career, how to behave in the team and in the relationships with the boss to improve your effectiveness and satisfaction with work. It is an invaluable aid for an employee and their superiors as it allows them to have a team member who is aware of their own strengths. Working with Facet5 system is also a huge satisfaction for a consultant due to its functionality and elegance of operation. Since the generated reports are clear and communicative, a consultant/coach receives excellent material to conduct discussions on how to use the potential of a manager as well as a multi-stage coaching process, during which all the details of the report will be taken advantage of. Coachees treat the test results with great confidence, precisely build their development plans and are fully committed to executing them, wishing to use all their strengths. Moreover, it is really effective to share the information included in the Facet5 report with other team members as that allows us to realize the reasons of behavioural differences and notice benefits from personality diversity if only we show understanding and tolerance. A significant advantage of using Facet5 system from the customer’s point of view is great commitment and
professionalism of HR High Touch team, who do their best to make the test process and the communication with the respondents efficient and fully satisfying.Best regards
Anna Rajtar-Klepuszewska
Facet 5 is a personality test that has a very solid psychometric basis, which manifests itself in  a high accuracy of diagnosing the surveyed person’s potential. I was satisfied to use Facet 5 in  both recruitment and development processes as well as team effectiveness improvement  projects.  
Working for many years as a manager and HR director, I have had an opportunity to check numerous personality testing tools. For me, Facet 5 has turned out to be the most convincing and complex and its results not only approachable for the respondents but also accurate and encouraging further development.
An additional asset of this tool is a possibility of using the Facet 5 platform, which enables us to compare candidates’ scores in different contexts, e.g. their fit for the organizational or team role. It is also very important that Facet 5 provides an opportunity to use benchmarks. They are scores collected from the whole world, different organizations and management levels.
Only a short time is needed to complete the test, which is crucial for senior executives.
The test administration is simple and you can always count on professional support of Nina  Sosińska, who is a Facet 5 representative in Poland. 

Anna Rajtar-Klepuszewska
Coach, psychologist, business consultant
Owner of ARK Solutions
Bogdan Chodkowski
I use Facet5 in career management and recruitment projects. Being in personal consulting business for 11 years, never before have I met a more user-friendly personality test. A lot of candidates pay attention to a very approachable form of the reports, clear contents easy to understand and, what many respondents consider to be the biggest advantage of the test, an excellent accuracy of the results.
A personality test provides an employee with prompts on what kind of work they should perform and what kind of organization culture would suit them. The existing users emphasize that the conclusions and recommendations from the test can be immediately used in work environment for the benefit of both parties: the employee and the employer. The test enjoys excellent opinions among users and many a time has been called the best personality test they have done so far.
I also have the pleasure to mention that the support I receive form Ms. Nina Sosińska, a
representative of Facet5 on the Polish market, deserves the highest praise. Whenever I need support, Ms. Nina Sosińska responds immediately and always helps me solve the problem. Thanks to her broad knowledge, passion and commitment in representing Facet5, I always receive excellent content-related support and gain confidence that I am working with a real professional. Finally, I will quote one of the conclusions I received from one of the candidates using Facet5: “I think everyone who is planning their career, regardless of their age or experience, should do this test.”

Tamara Bieńkowska

One of my customers said: “During our meeting I was especially surprised when I realized that my result equals the potential minus a destruction. I have always thought that on the way to success there must be some obstacles but I have not known so far what they are and how to omit them. And, even if I knew, would I have enough courage and sufficient abilities to overcome them?” A lot of my colleagues treat the application of diagnostic tools as an addition to their work. They can fail to appreciate the opportunities that are to be found in the system or see them as a factor complicating their offer and impeding the marketing of their services. But, my experience with using Facet5 shows that it is not only an effective but also friendly system diagnosing the potential that resides in people. As a coach, I very much appreciate the possibility of basing on the talents we all have. I really value the functionality of the system and the clarity of the reports, which are generated in many languages. I am also satisfied when I see my customers find the reports helpful and refer to them again and again. A good diagnosis is the basis of effectiveness. A good surgeon will not cut a patient open, asking: “What shall I do now?”, but will precisely know
what to operate on!
Anna Zaremba
Coach – Media Plus
I got to know Facet5 in the English version last year. Although I was genuinely interested and felt intuitively that it was something I need to work with people as a coach, the language barrier was hard to overcome. At present, Facet5 is available in Polish and I am delighted with it.
Not only can I provide the ordering party with “the instructions” for the customer already at
the beginning of the coaching process but I also receive a “solid” basis for discussing with
them their strengths and development areas. The customers who are for some reason bothered by a vision of psychological tests are willing to accept this kind of procedure. Every customer is able to spend 15 minutes at the computer and that will result in gaining well-organized knowledge about their personality presented in a simple and attractive way. A coaching discussion following the feedback process can help the customer look at themselves from a distance and discuss the specific situations, behaviours that may encourage or impede the achievement of their objectives.
For me as a coach – user of this tool, it is a great facilitation that provides an opportunity for accelerating the process of achieving objectives by the customer.”